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SoldierSocks is committed to helping our soldiers take their next steps forward. Whether it be a soldier taking their next steps on the frontlines, in their education or career paths, or helping them get out of a wheelchair and take the next steps forward in their daily lives, SoldierSocks is there to support them.

Our veterans are our heroes. After serving our country, serious injury shouldn’t stop them from living the full, rewarding lives they deserve.

Paralyzed Veterans of America estimates there are approximately 100,000 paralyzed veterans. Of those 100,000 paralyzed, about 42,000 are veterans eligible for medical care and other benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

One of SoldierSocks’ goals is to raise funds to purchase ‘Ekso’ units to be donated to United States Veterans who were paralyzed as a result of injuries sustained during their tour(s) in the War on Terror (Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn). Each paralyzed Veteran receives less than $2700 per month from the government as compensation for their injury. We want to help alleviate the financial strain a purchase like an Ekso-suit can put on a family.

EksoTM is a bionic suit, or exoskeleton, which enables individuals with lower extremity paralysis to stand up and walk over ground with a weight bearing, four point reciprocal gait. Walking is achieved by the user’s forward lateral weight shift to initiate a step. Battery-powered motors drive the legs and replace neuromuscular function.
The first generation of Ekso is intended for medically supervised use by individuals with complete or incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) or disease, and other forms of lower extremity paralysis or weakness due to Multiple Sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parksinson’s or Guillain Barre disease. With medical clearance, the suit can typically facilitate walking for individuals with up to C7 complete, or any level of incomplete spinal cord injury who have the ability to transfer from a wheelchair independently. 
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SoldierSocks is here to help soldiers take their next steps forward.